August 9, 1958

MACMILLAN IN ATHENS: Decisive talks on the Cyprus issue are to begin today in Athens between British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who arrived here yesterday afternoon, and the Greek government. Macmillan’s visit was scheduled to take place after his message to Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis. A similar message was sent to Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. Macmillan had asked whether the Greek government would agree to his coming to Athens for talks on the Cyprus issue. According to sources, the Greek government accepted his proposal on the condition that the talks were not based on the British solution for Cyprus. Macmillan reportedly agreed to the condition and said that he would come for «an exchange of views» on the issue. Apparently the Greek government will be asking for a constitution based on the condition of Cyprus’s self-rule. That is what the Greek-Cypriot people have requested, according to their representative, Archbishop Makarios. If the British insist on their own plan, the Greek government will only accept it on the condition that any references to a division of the island are removed.