August 12, 1958

KARAMANLIS-MACMILLAN: Talks in Athens between the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and his Greek counterpart Constantine Karamanlis on the Cyprus issue ended yesterday without any tangible results. Both sides insisted on their respective views. In particular, the British would make no concessions on their plan, which contains two points that are unacceptable to Greece. According to diplomats in Athens, no new elements emerged from the talks that might generate some optimism for the future of the Cyprus issue. MANOS KATRAKIS: On Monday there will be a celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the career of actor Manos Katrakis of the Greek Popular Theater. DINOS YIANNOPOULOS: The board of the Greek National Opera met today and elected Greek-American director Dinos Yiannopoulos as its director. SOCIAL NEWS: The Greek interior minister and his wife hosted a dinner at their home in Kifissia yesterday. Guests included Amalia Karamanlis, the ambassadors of Sweden, France, Italy and Lebanon, accompanied by their wives, and the ambassador of the United Arab Republic, as well as many Greek diplomats and government officials.