August 14, 1958

DEMARCHE AT UN: According to official reports from New York, Greece’s permanent representative to the UN, Christos Xanthopoulos-Palamas, lodged a demarche yesterday with the United Nations Secretariat General on the Cyprus issue titled «The Cyprus Question.» The demarche, which sets out in detail Greece’s views on the issue, will serve to brief members of all representatives of UN member states on Greece’s positions. According to official sources, there has been no indication that the British government is to take unilateral action to implement its plan to set up a self-governing regime in Cyprus within seven years. However, if it does so without Greece’s approval, the Greek government is certain to express its strong objections. Against this background, the Greek government is to make representations to international organizations and take all necessary steps to prevent the implementation of the British plan, which ignores Greece’s objections and is aimed at installing a regime that will result in the division of the island. The Greek Cypriot people are to take similar action. This will chiefly take the form of a refusal to cooperate in any way with the British and the Turks.