Thugs and bosses enjoy impunity

The inquest into the horrific murder of the young Australian tourist by bouncers working at the Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana bars on Myconos is going ahead and we hope that justice will be served against the perpetrators. However, every incident of this nature reminds us that nightclub owners, who employ the services of these outlaws, are never obliged to answer for the actions of their mercenaries. Are, therefore, the owners of any given business free of responsibility when their employees overstep the bounds of the law «in the line of duty?» Was it just «bad luck» that brought about a human being’s death or a way of doing business that would inevitably at some point lead to death? Even if the case did not involve murder, doesn’t a beating from the muscle hired by a nightclub owner fall under the scope of the law? Don’t the Ministry of Justice and the State have a responsibility to monitor the behavior of these hired thugs and especially of their bosses? The tragic events on Myconos could serve as an opportunity for this to begin, before the worst happens again.