A process nobody profits from

Irrespective of the legalities regarding ministers’ responsibilities and other ways of investigating any scandals involving government officials, people expect the government to deal with the substance of the allegations that have been made regarding unprofitable ferry routes – even it means just taking a stand publicly. These charges have been making the rounds of the judicial and executive authorities since 2005 without anything having been clarified, perhaps even in violation of the Constitution. The investigation process, at least that which has seen the light of day, should not be abandoned. People feel that issues which put the government in a difficult position are being hidden under a mountain of bureaucracy until they are forgotten and filed away. This creeping conviction is above all harmful to the state’s institutions. It is not only harmful to the political process but to the functioning of democracy. That is why light should be shed on the charges regarding the Aegean Ministry. People want the procedures to be speeded up. The Constitution demands it.