August 20, 1958

KARAMANLIS REJECTS MACMILLAN PLAN: The Greek government yesterday sent a reply to British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan regarding a British plan for Cyprus to be implemented unilaterally. Saying that Greece had provisionally agreed to put aside the question of self-determination, accepting a seven-year democratic self-governing regime in order to facilitate the peace process in Cyprus and to re-establish its alliances, Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis said he regretted it would not be possible to cooperate in the implementation of the plan. As a result, Greece will not be appointing a representative to the governor of Cyprus but would continue its struggle, using all legal means for the liberation of the Cypriot people. Karamanlis also emphasized that the Greek government was fully aware of the problems it was likely to face in doing so, but the Greek nation was determined, as in other such circumstances, to face the consequences, bolstered by its faith in what was right. The letter from Karamanlis was handed to British Ambassador in Athens Sir Roger Allen yesterday by Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof at the Foreign Ministry.