August 21, 1958

NEW PLAN FOR CYPRUS: Last Friday afternoon, the British government announced a new plan for Cyprus that it is determined to implement at once. The plan is the same as a previous one rejected by the Greek government and the Cypriot Ethnarchy, with only a few minor changes, apart from a provision that grants the British governor the power to appoint monoethnic municipal councils, which would virtually divide the island along ethnic lines. KARAMANLIS REJECTS MACMILLAN PLAN: The Greek government yesterday sent a reply to British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan regarding a British plan for Cyprus to be implemented unilaterally. Saying that Greece had provisionally agreed to put aside the question of self-determination, accepting a seven-year democratic self-governing regime in order to facilitate the peace process, Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis stated that he regretted it would not be possible to cooperate in the implementation of this new plan. OPPOSITION AND CYPRUS: Reliable sources in the Liberal Party yesterday said that Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis’s reply to British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s proposal was regrettable and constituted a full admission of the government’s failure to properly handle the issue.