August 22, 1958

YUGOSLAV INDEPENDENCE: Maribor (Slovenia), 21 – Field Marshal Josip Broz Tito, in a speech made here today, criticized the Soviet leaders for using a «libelous vocabulary typical of less civilized people» when referring to Yugoslavia. The leader of the Yugoslav government said he would not use «a similar vocabulary.» He stated that his country had never criticized the Soviet Union or other countries «which are building Socialism in a way that we do not always agree with.» Tito added that these differences were domestic matters. Commenting on the «anti-revisionist» campaign, he added that so far in history there had been positive or progressive revisionism and negative revisionism. Supporters of the latter were those who blindly followed outdated doctrines. «We consider ourselves among the dialectical revisionists, as we believe that time is constantly adding new elements which demand that we distance ourselves from anything that impedes progress.» «Every time we thought we had overcome a difficult period, someone abroad sets a fresh trap for us,» he said, adding, «Those who attack us will one day realize that Yugoslavia has remained faithful to the principles of our great teachers.»