Hard work shown to pay off

Working according to a method, with a system and with professionalism will always bring about results and this was proven by the Greek police in its successful apprehension of the kidnappers of Giorgos Mylonas, the former chairman of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece. Congratulations are due to the leadership of the responsible ministry and the police officers who handled the case. It is comforting to see that after a string of failures in the public order sector, a strong professional ethic has returned to the country’s security forces – a fact that is also illustrated by the success of forest fire prevention policies thus far. What these cases also show us is that when the political chiefs of a ministry set their minds to a task and use the necessary amount of elbow grease, results are not far behind. The only flaw we can see in the handling of the Mylonas case is that the leadership of the police force divulged too many details of its operation and may therefore have hampered its efforts should similar major cases occur in the future.