August 23, 1958

POPULIST RIGHT: Government-negotiated talks being held between employer and staff unions over the signing of collective labor agreements for a new minimum wage have been successful. Apart from the increases granted, family bonuses have been established for staff members with dependent children. Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis made the following comment at the conclusion of the talks: «My government’s intention has always been to improve the standard of living of the broader masses who form the foundation of Greek society. Along with farmers, workers have always been the object of the government’s concern.» Worker productivity, economic activity, commodity prices, national revenues and other issues will set the framework within which wages will be set, either by signing collective labor agreements or, if these fail, through arbitration. Attention was also given to the renewing of the national collective agreement on minimum wages for unskilled workers and employees in the private sector. «It is not always easy to smooth out differences immediately when they are the result of a clash of interests,» said the prime minister. «That is because any settlement must be the result of an exchange of views inspired by the principles of free democratic unionism.»