August 25, 1958

WAR VICTIMS: Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Aliprantis, referring to a proposal from the United Democratic Left (EDA) for a bill that would increase pensions for war disabled and other victims by 50 percent, said that this would place a further burden on the budget to the tune of 335 million drachmas. He added that there was no immediate possibility of settling the pension issue, as had already been explained during the budget debate, because any cuts to other funds to meet such an expenditure would make it difficult to meet the basic needs that are absolutely necessary for the function of the state. Moreover, it would affect the implementation of the public investments program. Furthermore, the minister said that the question of improving pensions and other benefits to war victims and the disabled would have been possible without placing any further burden on the state budget had the state not been obliged to pay 165 million drachmas annually to the victims of the outlaw communist movement, in addition to the 158 million drachmas already being paid to victims and disabled from the 1912-13 and 1918-1922 wars.