Ultimate test for universities

The elections for the rectors’ council at the University of Crete are an important litmus test for the tertiary education sector, as well as for the university itself. The legislative reforms for the sector have been enacted by Parliament and supported by a broad consensus, because no minority, however violent it may be, can impose its own brand of lawlessness and anarchy in the country’s universities. The rectors’ elections must take place, the University of Crete must acquire an administrative council and the law must be enforced, because if we, as a society, allow the will of one small minority to prevail, the consequences will be tragic and broadly felt, to say the very least. The education reform bill introduced the most basic and necessary changes to the system, and if these are not enforced the result will be the collapse of tertiary education. Consequently, it is now time for those university professors and students who care about the pursuit of knowledge to do their duty.