August 28, 1958

FRANCE: Paris, 27 – In great secrecy, the French government began bolstering its forces in all cities in France this morning, using all means to organize its struggle against Algerian nationalists and to prevent fresh acts of violence by them. The French, British and American press have condemned the acts of sabotage and are urging a peaceful settlement on the basis of the constitution of General Charles De Gaulle. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 27 – The opposition of the Greek Cypriot population to the implementation of the British plan for Cyprus has become more systematic, with armed force and various forms of passive resistance to anything British. Today the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) distributed pamphlets giving instructions about the continuation of the economic boycott. Meanwhile the authorities are trying to instigate conflict between leftist and rightist Greek Cypriots in order to create incidents and rumor-mongering but these efforts have not met with much success. US-CHINA-FORMOSA: Washington, 27 – The military correspondent for the Associated Press said that the US was controlling access to mainland China with a force that would be capable at an hour’s notice of deploying both conventional and nuclear weapons.