August 29, 1958

MAKARIOS: The Cypriot Ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, gave a press conference in Athens yesterday on his views of a proposal by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan on the future of Cyprus. He emphasized that the Cypriot people were determined to struggle using all means at their disposal to gain their freedom. Also present at the press conference were Archbishop Theoklitos of Athens, members of the Ethnarchy and representatives of Cypriot organizations and student groups. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: London, 28 – According to reports from Nicosia, 1,500 British soldiers took part today in widespread mopping up operations in the western sector of the island. Within a few hours 21 people had been arrested on suspicion of crimes, including three Greek Cypriot police officers. The operation is one of the largest carried out so far this year against the Cypriot National Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) and according to all indications it will continue throughout the day. In the early hours of the morning near the town of Morphou, about 25 miles west of Nicosia, a military zone was set up to cut the town off while a house-to-house search was conducted.