August 30, 1958

FRANCE-ALGERIA: Paris, 28 – Thousands of Algerians were the target of a huge police operation last night throughout France to round up nationalists of the Algerian Liberation Front. The police announced that 27 Algerians, believed to be responsible for the latest acts of sabotage, have been arrested. In Lyon, four members of the Front were arrested, as well as a further three in eastern France. In Paris, over 2,000 Algerians were arrested overnight and taken for interrogation to the winter velodrome. Another 800 were taken to another sports ground for the same purpose. MAKARIOS: The Cypriot Ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, gave a press conference in Athens yesterday, setting out his views on a proposal by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan on the future of Cyprus. He emphasized that the Cypriot people were determined to struggle using all means at their disposal to secure their freedom. CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: London, 28 – According to reports from Nicosia, some 1,500 British soldiers took part today in extensive mopping-up operations in a number of areas in the western part of the island.