May 25-28, 1952

THE ANCIENT AGORA COLUMN: On May 3, archaeologists from the American School of Classical Studies found (…) an Athenian column of great historical importance with the figure of an old man in relief, symbolizing the Athenian people, and with a woman personifying democracy. The law thus carved into the column was inscribed at a time of great trials for the Athenians, in 336 BC, coming just a few weeks before the murder of King Philip II of Macedon and two years after the battle of Chaironeia, when the Macedonians defeated the Athenians and the Thebans. The law was an attempt by the Athenians to impose severe sanctions in order to avert the likelihood of democracy being overthrown. RELEASED FROM PRISON: To date, 262 inmates, of whom eight are collaborators, have been released from prison under the new laws «on peace measures.» (…) The committee, led by Colonel Sotopoulos of the gendarmerie, visited the communists being held in the prison on the island of Aegina and suggested the release of 59 of the inmates who claim to be nationalists and allege they have been convicted by mistake. WOLVES: Wolves and jackals have a price of 75,000 to 120,000 drachmas on their heads. Serves them right for not thinking of joining the communists, then they could be included in the clemency measures.