October 11, 1958

ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS: Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus, in a statement to the press about the killing of a British woman in Famagusta, said that her death, «along with the ensuing bloodbath against the Greek population of Famagusta perpetrated by the security forces, was abhorrent to all honest and brave people.» «I am certain,» added the Archbishop, «that the Greek Cypriot people bear absolutely no responsibility for the death of the Englishwoman. It is other suspects who have blood on their hands. However, the blood of the Greek Cypriots of Famagusta will be an eternal blight on the history of those who killed innocent children and tortured to death unsuspecting citizens.» EOKA: Nicosia, 8 – The National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) has issued proclamations in which the group claims that media reports about the deaths of Englishwomen were part of a plot by the British to orchestrate attacks against Cypriot citizens on the pretext that it is they who are guilty of these crimes. The aim of this plan, said EOKA, was to frighten Cypriots into accepting the British plan for the island.