Time for the truth to come out

The government was voted into power because a large section of the populace was convinced that we had hit rock bottom in terms of corruption and entangled interests after a 20-year stretch of unaccountability. Many believed that a strong leader could put these ills to rest. But, as far as that once termed «entangled interests» as far as New Democracy is concerned, a quick look at the events of the past five years shows us that the people named at the time are now stronger than ever and the once «guilty» companies have been directly awarded crucial contracts. The battle was either never fought by each responsible minister or it has been lost. On to corruption. The scandals of the bond sale, the competition commission and Siemens, among many other smaller ones, have illustrated the fact that the germ of corruption has infected the entire spectrum. Some argue that corruption has been contained, but that certain members of the new government, who hadn’t had the same years’ experience as their PASOK counterparts, simply showed their corruption a bit too blatantly. Maybe this is true, but the fact remains that the people of Greece had high expectations and were disappointed. The Thessaloniki International Fair in September was a critical moment because everyone believed that the prime minister would set the bar high again. When they heard him covering up for inexcusable behavior, they became angry. A large section of the country’s citizens still believe this prime minister to be the best person for the job, but his stance at Thessaloniki has certainly cost him. After what happened yesterday with the Vatopedi investigation, there is only one solution – bringing everything out into the light and, at some point, a reshuffle to show that the prime minister is not afraid of anyone or anything.

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