October 18, 1958

FURTHER BLOODSHED IN CYPRUS: Nicosia, 16 – The situation in Cyprus remains tense. This morning in the village of Kokkinotrimithia, west of Nicosia, an employee of the British government in Cyprus was killed by automatic weapon fire as he was drinking coffee with friends in the village square. The man was hit by three bullets. It is believed that the shots came from a passing luxury car. In accordance with emergency laws, his name has not been released until his family can be informed. ITALY AND NEXT POPE’S ELECTION: Vatican City, 16 – The Italian government has given instructions to its ambassador to the Vatican regarding the election of the next pope, following the death of Pius XII. Their interest is mainly based on the fact that since the war it is the Catholic Christian Democrats who have been responsible for governing the country. The Italian government and presidency hope that Cardinal Angelo Roncalli of Venice will be elected, as he is seen as the least «political» of the candidates. PIONEER: Washington, 11 – The whole world was watching today as humankind made the first successful attempt to send a machine into space outside the Earth’s orbit. The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida bearing a satellite, the Pioneer I, weighing about 36 kilograms.