The people expect the whole truth

Political life in Greece has been stirred up into a state of frenzy by the Vatopedi land-swap scandal. Now the citizens of the country are demanding that their politicians reveal the entire truth about the affair and that the prosecutors, in turn, do their duty to the fullest. The Vatopedi affair is big – and also very complex – and should therefore not be made any more complicated by public relations stunts such as filing charges against prosecutors or the minister of justice, or making accusations of treason. The citizens have eyes and ears and can make their own strong assessment of both those filing charges and those being charged. They expect the truth to come out without the usual political fanfare, and they also expect justice to be meted out fairly. The people of Greece expect judges to rise to the seriousness of the occasion and to be strict with those who have abused the trust of the Greek taxpayer, no matter how high up on the political ladder they may be.