October 27, 1958

DE GAULLE ON ALGERIA: Paris, 23 – French Prime Minister General Charles de Gaulle has extended an offer of peace to Algeria’s nationalist rebels, saying he was ready to negotiate with them in an attempt to finally end the continued hostilities in that country. The government of Algeria has said that, in theory, it has accepted the proposal and through its prime minister, Ferhat Abbas, has said it is willing to negotiate. De Gaulle told 300 journalists, who had gathered for his first press conference since assuming power, that he had spoken about the «peace of the brave,» meaning that those who had opened fire had a duty to lay down their arms and return to their families and their jobs without feeling humiliated. «As long as their leaders contact our headquarters. Should that be case, the fighters will be honorably treated.» He also revealed that over the four years of war in Algeria, France had lost 7,200 officers and men and the rebels had lost 77,000 men. ABBAS: Belgrade, 23 – Algerian Premier Ferhat Abbas told the Yugoslav press here today that his government would be willing to negotiate with France.