October 29, 1958

NIKOLAOS YIANNIOS: The veteran Socialist leader Nikolaos Yiannios passed away yesterday and was buried this morning. Born on the island of Andros in 1885, he studied languages and literature in Constantinople and Paris and then went on to teach in public and private high schools. He was one of the first socialists in Greece and founder of the Socialist Party of Greece (1911), which was recognized by the worldwide organization Socialist International in 1923. Along with Ion Dragoumis, he founded a weekly newspaper, People, in Constantinople, at which he was also editor. Among other newspapers and magazines, he was also the editor-in-chief of Rizospastis before it became the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party. At the 1918 socialist conference in Piraeus, he disagreed with the communist majority and left, along with the other socialists. Since that time, he had fought against Bolshevism and its tactics. He took part in the 1912-1913 war of liberation. He remained an active member of Socialist International and became a correspondent for many socialist publications abroad, as well as studies, including «State Socialism.»