Two-speed social obligations

It could be seen as a blatant provocation, especially by some, that the government has already said 15 times that it will be allocating funds to the «National Social Cohesion Fund» but to this day has failed to actually pay out a single cent, while at the same time announcing its intention to dole out a rescue package of 1.3 billion euros for some 9,000 employees of ailing Olympic Airlines. Voluntary departure packages, special bonuses to help enhance monthly wages, fat lump sums and other such perks are a provocation to the unemployed who receive just 300 euros in benefits and minimum-wage earners taking in just 600-700 euros a months, and who are especially concerned right now in light of the global financial crisis. The 100 million euros that was allocated by the government in the 2008 budget, and which has yet to be paid out to the 2 million Greeks living below the poverty line, show, if nothing else, that when it comes to its social responsibility, the government is moving at two different speeds.