Gov’t errors are taxing citizens

The haphazard and irresponsible manner in which the government’s economic advisers introduce new measures, such as the recent single property tax, is truly unbelievable. The members of hundreds of thousands of households are now being obliged to stand in long queues at tax offices around the country (which don’t have a reputation for being very helpful or cordial at the best of times) in order to receive an exemption from paying taxes on their primary residence, a tax from which they are supposed to be exempt anyway. Sadly, it is one more example of a serious mistake on the part of the government for which citizens are being asked to pay the price. Apart from the fact that millions of working hours will be lost, thousands of taxpayers will also have to go to a great deal of trouble, and all this because the Economy Ministry forgot to take into account the exemption of primary residences from taxation. The government should be taking its duties far more seriously and this kind of thing really has to stop.