Economy needs a firm hand

Both the global and local economy are facing an unprecedented crisis right now and Greece’s citizens have the right to demand that a firm hand be at the helm steering the country’s finances. With growing concern, Greeks see decisions being made off the cuff, with little foresight or forethought. They see the Economy and Finance Ministry going back on its own decisions all too often. The costly fanfare over the idea to reintroduce the practice of using certain expenses as proxies to work out real income, the slipshod manner in which tax reform has been addressed, the fiasco over the single property tax and now the saga of negotiations with banks have exhausted the patience of even the most optimistic market forces. The government needs to understand that in such critical times, trust in the Economy Ministry is running low. And the question is: Why are the government and the party just sitting back and allowing these things to happen? What is certain is that if this situation continues, it could irreversibly damage the government’s standing in the polls and, even worse, increase the sense of insecurity among Greeks.