November 10, 1958

RIGGED GAME SHOW SCANDAL: The producers of a televised game show have been arrested following revelations that contestants on the popular program had been provided with answers to the questions. JOSEF LIPSKI: Washington – Josef Lipski, the last living protagonist of the events of the summer of 1939 in Berlin, has died in Washington. After a brilliant career as a diplomat, he accepted the post of Polish Ambassador to Berlin in 1933. On August 31, 1939, he was given the notorious ultimatum by Germany’s Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop just a few hours before the Nazi troops invaded Poland. He served during the war as an ordinary soldier in a Polish force in France. LIBERALS: 7 – The Liberals’ parliamentary group met yesterday to settle the leadership question following the resignation of the two co-leaders, Georgios Papandreou and Sophocles Venizelos. Constantine Mitsotakis had been asked by Venizelos not to attend the meeting, but he is expected to set out his views at the party’s congress. MODERN GREEK THEATER: Angelos Terzakis’s new play «Night in the Mediterranean» opened at the Royal Theater yesterday.