November 13, 1958

REPLY TO IZVESTIA: An article in the Soviet government’s newspaper Izvestia claims «the need for further development of Greek-Soviet relations, both in the economic and cultural sectors.» In exchange for more «goodwill» on the part of Greece, the Soviet Union is willing to provide Greece with «more economic cooperation.» The writer complained that the Greek government was systematically raising obstacles to wider bilateral relations and that anti-Soviet propaganda in Greece had increased of late. The article should not go unanswered, as it raises an issue with which no one disagrees: the development of Greek-Soviet relations. However, this does not mean that this improvement should build a bridge for communist propaganda in Greece. As important as our economic interests are, we should not sacrifice our domestic peace and foreign security for them. The newspaper is wrong, however, in saying that the Greek government has obstructed those relations, as over the past three years trade relations with Russia have tripled. No specific Soviet offer or proposal has been rejected by Greece for no good reason. The Greek people sincerely wish for the best possible relations with Moscow, but Russia should first abandon its efforts to influence Greece’s domestic and foreign policy.