November 14, 1958

GREECE-WEST GERMANY: Bonn, 12 – West Germany has granted Greece 600 million marks in the form of a government loan of 200 million and credits of 400 million. This marks the beginning of important developments in bilateral relations following talks between the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis. COLD WAR: London, 13 – Although transport to West Berlin is functioning normally and the Russians have made no attempt to obstruct it, the US State Department today announced that any Soviet attempt to blockade the city was destined to fail, just as in 1948. REPLY TO IZVESTIA: An article in the Soviet government’s newspaper Izvestia focuses on the need to further develop Greek-Soviet relations in the economic and cultural sectors. The writer complains that the Greek government has been raising obstacles to wider bilateral relations and that anti-Soviet propaganda in Greece had increased. The article raises an issue with which no one disagrees: namely the development of Greek-Soviet relations. However, this does not mean that this improvement should build a bridge for communist propaganda in Greece.