Action and realistic proposals

Several government officials are showing clear signs of fatigue: It is obvious that they can no longer deal with crucial issues, as is expected of them. No one but the prime minister has the right to replace these figures. There are alternative solutions inside the ranks of the conservative party and Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has the knowledge and judgment to make the right decisions about their future. The evident signs of fatigue call for immediate measures by the government leader, as they reveal a gradual transformation of the local political landscape. For its part, the Socialist opposition under George Papandreou has yet to prove that it has come up with a serious platform of policies and ideas on which to rule the country. So far, PASOK’s mishmash of populist sound bites and unrealistic promises has done little to convince the populace that Papandreou’s party is ready to govern responsibly. The public wants to see action from the premier and pragmatic proposals from the opposition leader. Both of these are sorely lacking at present, which can only be cause for disappointment and concern.