November 19, 1958

USA-GREECE: The cinema club of the United States Information Service (USIS) is to reopen tomorrow at 9 Venizelos Street. USSR-GREECE: A film on Russian sport is to be shown at the Greek-Soviet Association, at 18 Vassilissis Sofias. Admission is free. KARL DOENITZ: Bonn, 15 – Former Admiral Karl Doenitz, who once led the Nazi German naval fleet and took over from Hitler for 20 days during Germany’s surrender, has published his memoirs, titled «Ten Years and 20 Days.» Doenitz said the navy was not fully aware of the situation on the eastern front and had absolutely no contact with the National Socialist Workers’ Party. DIFFICULT DEMOCRACY: (From an editorial in Kathimerini on the suspension of parliamentary sessions) «Resuming parliamentary sessions would be useful for many reasons at this time if the government wanted to use the House for useful work and should the opposition decide to play a more constructive role, rather than just practicing demagogy. Unfortunately, the opposition finds itself in a serious crisis that has ultimately deprived it of its leadership, while the government, absorbed as it is by the imminent United Nations debate on the Cyprus issue, has neither the time nor the necessary calmness to undertake a parliamentary debate.