Truth above political expediency

The ongoing revelations about the controversial Vatopedi property exchange show that the ripples of the scandal that has dogged the domestic political system over the past few months actually extend far beyond what was originally thought. Vested interest groups, both small and large, are implicated in the case, their sights set on the property of the Greek state. Parliament’s investigating committee must cast ample light on this murky case. This can only be achieved if socialist opposition PASOK also lives up to its responsibilities. For example, the Socialists must stop calling figures from the underworld as witnesses in the case or adopting their testimonies with the aim of deriving short-term partisan gains. In fact, PASOK’s recent posturing appears to vindicate the view of those who insisted that Parliament should step in only after the court had investigated the case in depth. The opposition party must elevate the need for truth above political expediency. This is what voters expect of PASOK, as even the judges will be judged in this case.