November 21, 1958

DARLING SEEKS GRIVAS: Nicosia, 20 – British security forces continued their mopping-up operations against the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) today in northern and western Cyprus. So far 80 suspects have been arrested. A senior British officer said that troops’ morale had been boosted by the killing of EOKA deputy leader Kyriakos Matsis. British navy units are patrolling off the coast to avert any attempt by patriots to escape by sea. It has been reported that operations by British security forces around Paphos are aimed at discovering the whereabouts of EOKA’s leader, General Grivas. With this objective in mind, General Sir Kenneth Darling has assumed the post of director of operations. MATSIS: The body of Kyriakos Matsis was buried this afternoon in the grounds of Nicosia prison. His family was allowed to see the body and accompany it to the burial site. Greek flags flew at half mast in Famagusta, where Matsis had attended high school. A memorial service is to be held there on Sunday. Today security forces blew up the house in the village of Dikomo where Matsis had been found hiding. After they left the area, a Greek flag was hoisted over the ruins of the house.