November 22, 1958

FREDERIKI AND SOFIA: Los Angeles, 21 – Queen Frederiki and Princess Sofia arrived here in California today by train for a three-day visit to an official welcome by city officials. This afternoon Her Majesty attended a lunch given in her honor by Admiral Arleigh Burke and later visited the naval base at Long Beach. There she took official delivery of four warships donated to the Hellenic Navy. Princess Sofia visited the studios of 20th Century Fox. THANASEKOU-KALANTZIS: Vasso Thanasekou, a deputy for the United Democratic Left, said in Parliament yesterday that the gendarmerie was not doing its duty. She said that she had been hit by a chair that was thrown at her, and what was important was not the act itself but that the action was directed against a parliamentary deputy and therefore against all of Parliament. Deputy Interior Minister Evangelos Kalantzis replied that it was a case for the courts, which would take action if Thanasekou pressed charges. He said that many people had been injured in the war against the communist outlaws and read out a list of those killed by the outlaws, which included the uncle of the person who had thrown the chair. Thanasekou then insulted the minister, until the speaker of the House called her to order.