November 24, 1958

EOKA: Nicosia, 22 – General George Grivas, the head of the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA), which is fighting for the end of British rule on Cyprus, today distributed new proclamations stating that he has issued a temporary order to halt EOKA’s campaign in order to give the United Nations the opportunity to peacefully resolve the Cyprus issue. However, the proclamations warned that «any failure by the United Nations to resolve the Cyprus issue on account of the machinations of our opponents will force us to intensify our struggle.» «In order to show that we have no desire to raise any obstacles to the UN, we have ordered a halt to all of our activities, although we will of course respond to any aggression of our enemies,» said the proclamation. It added that it had suffered only a few losses in the recent mopping-up operations carried out by the British, who in the past 45 days alone had lost 85 men with another 155 injured. HULA HOOP: Our young people have become hooked on the hula hoop. Many girls and boys are buying the hoops that have recently flooded Athens’s stores and have begun practicing in earnest.