November 25, 1958

CYPRUS: A British announcement issued in Nicosia today claimed that during operations currently under way in western Cyprus against the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA), the security forces seized considerable quantities of weapons, ammunition and explosives belonging to EOKA. They have also arrested 14 suspects. The operations, with the use of helicopters and other military reconnaissance vehicles, are continuing for a fourth day and cover an area of over 30 square miles. On the first day, troops arrested a number of suspects and discovered many well-camouflaged caches of clothing, food, weaponry and explosives. None of the suspects’ names have been released. Elsewhere, a mail collection truck was seriously damaged in an attack today by unknown persons. BRECHT PLAYS: Scenes from plays by Bertolt Brecht are to be performed at the Piraeus Municipal Theater on December 8, featuring the actors Vassilis Diamantopoulos, Petros Fyssoun, Maria Alkaiou, Nadia Horafa, Popi Horafa and Popi Troiannou. Mezzo-soprano Litsa Psatheri will sing arias from a Brecht opera, accompanied by Mary Meimaraki on piano. Admission is free of charge.