Taking a tougher line on illegal migration and cracking down on Turkey

It has become clearly evident that most Greeks do not want these illegal migrants on their soil. I am surprised that the Greek government continuously takes half measures in addressing this issue. It is obvious that Turkey should be held accountable, as most of the immigrants land in Greece via Turkey. The European Union needs to put Turkey on notice. There is also a health risk involved for local Greeks. Kathimerini English Edition recently reported that many immigrants suffer from tuberculosis. In my personal opinion, the Greek government needs to get tough and deport these people back to their place of origin and make a clear statement that Greece is not going to become a dumping ground for illegals. Even the United States government is building a high-tech security fence along the Mexican border to keep out illegal Mexicans, as most American citizens don’t want them in the country. It is time for Greece to take a tougher line on the issue, using immediate deportations and asking the Organization of Islamic Conference of 57 nations (many of which are oil-rich) to do more in stemming the flow. If this situation is not properly addressed, most of these illegals will be left in limbo, wandering the streets with no future, and the crime rate will go up. GEORGE SALAMOURAS, Melbourne.