November 27, 1958

CYPRUS ISSUE: Relations between Cypriot Archbishop Makarios and Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff continue to be strained. It has been announced that Averoff will not be attending a dinner in Archbishop Makarios’s honor given today by the Greek delegation to the United Nations, but will attend instead another dinner hosted by senior UN officials. Averoff had talks on the Cyprus issue today with UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold. In an editorial, The New York Times strongly condemned the Cypriot people’s struggle and attacked Archbishop Makarios for statements he has made on the issue. The editorial made no mention of the killings and other crimes committed by the British, in an attempt to support the British stance during the (UN political committee) debate on the Cyprus issue that begins today and at which Averoff will be the first speaker. The committee is to examine a draft resolution on the Cyprus issue that is to be submitted for approval to the UN General Assembly. Apart from Averoff, there is to be a presentation by British delegate Allan Noble and by Turkish envoy Fadil Zorlu.