December 13, 1958

GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: – A book titled «The Two Roads (Democracy – Communism)» has been published in a popularized but well-documented study of this important subject that is so relevant today. The author is the former minister Georgios I. Rallis, who, taking advantage of his decision not to participate in the recent elections, is now focusing not only on research but also enlightening the Greek people about one of the main issues of our age. The book consists of a prologue setting out the principal questions, and eight chapters written in a totally objective manner without any prejudice whatsoever. The chapters are titled: «The ‘Classless’ Society,» «The Position of the Worker,» «The Position of the Farmer,» «Two Kinds of Choices,» «The Inhumanity of Communism,» «Exploitation of Satellite States,» «Revelations,» and «Greek Reality.» The main advantages of this comprehensive study include its brevity (63 small-format pages), its clarity, its objectivity and the methodical way in which the author presents his subject, its simple language and above all its relevance to the situation in Greece. The book has been distributed freely in many provincial centers in Greece.