Need to protect the gullible

After a very eventful week, during which rioters indulged in an orgy of destruction and plunder in the Greek capital and elsewhere around the country, someone should take the time to explain to the public the limits of so-called «revolutionary violence.» They must at long last explain with clarity who decides what classifies as a revolutionary act and what as an act of plunder. The painful fact is that some people have been keen to take advantage of the obscure ideas that have been expressed, including in the media, over the past few days. Some pundits, for example, have maintained that destroying a bank is more legitimate than destroying a retail store. The aforesaid people have then used these ideas as a pretext to go on a rampage in the city or – as has happened in the past – to kill others. Violence has never solved any problems. The only ones who do not know this are young children and those who dwell on the fringes. Quite simply, we must isolate the latter so that they will stop exploiting the gullibility of the former.