December 24, 1958

GOLDSTEIN CASE: The Embassy of West Germany in Athens yesterday presented the Foreign Ministry with a new note verbale from the government in Bonn to the effect that it would not be seeking to extradite Eric Goldstein, who was arrested in Athens just a few days ago, to face charges of espionage. The ministry passed the note verbale to the appeals court prosecutor, who immediately ordered the release of Goldstein from Averoff Prison in Athens. According to the authorities, if the German government at any point reiterates its request to have Goldstein deported, the Greek authorities will not remand him, if he is still in Greece, but will wait until the German government sends the relevant documents to be examined by the appeals council, which will decide whether he should be arrested and deported. CAROLS: This year the happy sounds of children’s voices lifted in traditional holiday song have arrived early on Athens’s streets. CHRISTMAS TREES: In Filothei and at all the gasoline stations situated on the capital’s main avenues are Christmas trees decorated with colored lights. The sight of them at night is truly magical.