Officers victims of hysteria

The Greek police force has been reduced to a punch bag. The unjustified killing of a teenager by a police officer earlier this month not only sparked extensive rioting in the capital and other cities, but also triggered a wave of hysteria against each individual police officer as well as the police force at large. Yesterday, a riot squad bus in Athens became the target of what can only be described as a terrorist attack. The event marked a dangerous escalation of the lawlessness and supposedly revolutionary violence, numerous signs of which we have been witnessing over the past few years. The government officials entrusted with investigating such incidents must shed light on this latest attack as soon as possible and make every effort to ensure that it does not mark the birth of a new generation of terrorists. Meanwhile, the rest of us must do whatever we can to prevent any attempts to demonize the police. For these can only lead to even more incidents such as the one we saw yesterday.