December 1-27, 1958

MINOTIS-CALLAS: Alexis Minotis has returned from Milan where he met with the soprano Maria Callas to discuss details of a revival of Cherubini’s opera «Medea» next May at the Paris Opera and at Covent Garden in London. POLLUTION IN ATHENS: Atmospheric pollution in Athens and Piraeus is increasing on a daily basis, mainly due to the dangerous gases emitted by factories and cars. At present, the risks from large-scale industrial pollution are not immediate, but the proximity of certain industries to Athens and Piraeus is becoming a problem due to the wave of migration into the cities from the provinces, expanding the city limits to the point where they are swallowing up the industrial areas. CYPRUS: United Nations, 5 – The UN General Assembly today unanimously approved a compromise solution for the Cyprus issue proposed by the Mexican representative to the United Nations. In a statement, the Assembly expressed its conviction that more coordinated efforts would be made by the interested parties to bring about a peaceful, democratic and just solution, in accordance with the UN Charter.