June 3-4, 1952

PEACE MEASURES: The interior minister, Mr C. Rendis, in an announcement yesterday, expressed his complete satisfaction with the work of the committees implementing the peace measures. «It has been confirmed,» he said, «that all those released by the committees are 100-percent nationalists and not communists. On the basis of this observation, I believe that the beneficial measures should be extended to those serving life sentences, since there are also nationalists among them.» SOCIAL RESOURCES: The secretary-general of the General Confederation of Greek Workers, Mr Fotis Makris, said that a proposal by the finance minister to abolish social security funding is an example of anti-labor policy, since the country’s economy is still paying to support insurance organizations of employers and the self-employed. WANTED: Ioannina – In the region of Zagoria, the robber and former outlaw Tsakas, who comes from the village of Pende Pigadia in Preveza, has reappeared. It is reported that a search party has already set out in pursuit of him. ALEXIS SOLOMOS: Mr Alexis Solomos, a director at the National Theater, has left on a visit to Paris, London and Stratford-upon-Avon, as the guest of the British Council. The main purpose of his trip to Britain is to study the latest achievements in the art of directing in the UK.