February 3, 1959

‘BALLETS ROSES’: Paris, 31 – Official charges were brought today against the former president of the French National Assembly, Andre Le Troquer, regarding his involvement in the «ballets roses» adolescent sex scandal last year. Le Troquer has said that he is determined to give testimony himself in the matter. The case began three months ago, when a 15-year-old girl was questioned in connection with crimes involving juveniles in the Seine area. The young girl had tried to blackmail a 40-year-old man with whom she had had a relationship. During questioning, the girl revealed that she and seven or eight other girls had taken part in «surprise parties» at which they had performed «ballets» of a particular type. It was made known that a «senior official» of the Fourth Republic had been involved in these parties and it was later rumored that this was none other than Le Troquer, a lawyer and member of the Socialist Party who was first elected deputy in 1936. He became famous for defending Leon Blum at his trial. Today aged 74, he has a brilliant war record in both the First and Second World Wars and served as interior minister and defense minister after the last war.