Focus on the job, not elections

All this irresponsible talk about the possibility of the country going to the polls early and about reforms to the electoral law is actually doing very little good at this present juncture. Just the opposite: It is having an adverse effect on the country, as it appears to be fueling even more social groups to use every possible means to get their own agenda across on the excuse that it’s now or never if elections are eventually pushed forward. To put a stop to this trend, government officials should focus on the job at hand rather than publishing their speculations about the likelihood of the date of the next elections to every newspaper and television station that agrees to listen to them. Greece is in the grips of a major global financial crisis and widespread social unrest and it most certainly cannot afford to find itself in this constant state of pre-election flux, especially when the rumors are being spread by the very members of the government that says that it has no intention of calling early polls.