Worlds apart

Those who are governing this country appear to be asleep, or at the very least completely unaware of the tension running high within society, the uncertainty caused by the economic crisis, the political fluidity, the crisis in institutions and values, the violence that is ever present in daily life, the radical changes in fundamental issues such as work, time, space and in fact everything comprising that volatile entity we call Greece in 2009. Politicians are focusing almost entirely on the management, or rather concealment, of their own bankruptcy – that much is abundantly clear from the ridiculous talk of a new electoral law, as well as from the way they are dealing with social and institutional crises by tossing money and tear gas around. It is also clear from the paucity of political parties’ debate, aimed at saving their own skins rather than resuscitating a society mired in contradictions and depression. Perhaps for the first time in 20 years, the divide between the power elite and society has never been so deep and wide, both mentally and psychologically. Politicians do not have their finger on he pulse of the younger generation, not only teenagers but 30- and 40-year-olds, that is the three most crucial generations for the country’s present and future. Politicians are living in a different world, demanding the vote of people who are concerned, educated and in touch with their times, but also insecure and under intense pressure. These age groups couldn’t care less about the politicians who appeal for their votes while all the time keeping them out of the decision-making process. They are worlds apart, with no common reference point. One is bursting at the seams, muzzled, and harbingers of the future; the other inactive, weighed down and self-satisfied.

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