February 13, 1959

KARAMANLIS: As soon as he arrived back in Athens from his talks in Zurich with his Turkish counterpart Adnan Menderes, Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis made the following statement on the radio: «I have returned from my journey with a sense of satisfaction and pride. This is one of the happiest days of my life and will be a turning point in the history of Cyprus. Along with Turkish Prime Minister Menderes, we have laid the foundation for the resolution of one of the most difficult international issues. We have planned a solution that will give the Cypriot people their freedom after centuries of subjugation. Moreover, it will restore friendship and and cooperation between Greece, Turkey and Britain. I am sure that this day will usher in prosperity for all Cypriots.» MAKARIOS: Cypriot Ethnarch Archbishop Makarios made the following statement to the press after meeting with Karamanlis: «The agreement… lays the foundations for an immediate and final solution of the Cyprus issue, making Cyprus an independent and sovereign state. The rapprochement between the Greek and Turkish governments on this issue will open a new period of freedom and prosperity for both the Greeks and Turks of Cyprus.»