June 7, 1952

PLASTIRAS: Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras chaired yesterday’s Cabinet meeting (…) and expressed his gratitude to his ministers for their devotion to their duty, their support during his extended illness and their affection and support for the acting prime minister, Mr Sophocles Venizelos. (…) He also asked the ministers to exercise the same devotion and discipline, during his absence abroad for treatment, to his associates and to his dear friend Mr Sophocles Venizelos. RETRACTION: Following a strong protest from US Ambassador John Peurifoy, Mr Venizelos yesterday retracted his statements on economic policy. GEORGE SEFERIS: The Cabinet has decided to promote the diplomatic counselor Mr G. Seferiadis to the post of Minister Plenipotentiary, 2nd class. Mr Seferiadis is most likely to be appointed the Greek Ambassador in Beirut. ANIMALS: The parliamentary deputy for the Greek Rally party, Mr Athanasios Taliadouros, has sent us the following protest by telegram from Karditsa: «I strongly protest the fact that the prefectural committee of Karditsa, supporting victims of war and the bandits, under pressure from EPEK party officials and the office of the Agriculture Ministry, is distributing animals to the renegade leaders responsible for the destruction and loss of animals belonging to their fellow countrymen.»