Need for serious policing

The events that occurred just after midnight in the early hours of yesterday morning in the inner-city district of Kypseli – when one police officer was seriously injured (and is still in critical condition) and another was slightly hurt – show that both terrorism and organized crime have moved to another level of activity in this country. This cold-blooded attempt to murder two law enforcement officers while they were in the middle of questioning a suspect shows only too well that there is an urgent need for everyone working in the realm of public security to deal with the problem with a much more serious attitude and even greater concern. It just is in no way appropriate for a member of the public to interfere in police work when an operation is in progress, as happened in this incident when a local resident took it upon herself to butt in. From now on, the police will have to go about their job with a far more professional approach, and society has to learn to let them get on with it. Otherwise we will see more and more incidents like the one in Kypseli.