June 9-10, 1952

EVA SIKELIANOU: Eva Sikelianou was given a state funeral yesterday at Athens Cathedral, attended by a large crowd including many representatives of the arts and letters in Greece (…) as well as the second wife of the late poet (Angelos Sikelianos), Anna Sikelianou. (…) The burial will take place in Delphi. CINEMA: (written by «Idoiai») For three years now, members of the Athens Film Critics’ Union (EKKA) have been awarding prizes to the best films of the year (…). This year there were many disagreements and several heated arguments among the members. (…) Elia Kazan’s «A Streetcar Named Desire» won the most votes, followed by «Justice Speaks,» «West Avenue» and «An American in Paris.» It was almost unanimously decided to award the next three places to these three excellent films. However, deciding on places after that was when the trouble started (…) and led to many arguments that threatened to turn violent (…). It was decided therefore not to give an order of preference to the remaining films on the list (…). Of course many of the films not included do not deserve to be treated so summarily. (…) Perhaps the views of this columnist are due to a certain antipathy to Italian films. Although some of them are no doubt of considerable artistic merit, I believe that they keep monotonously to a certain type of film. I would gladly exchange «Mother Earth» (on the list) with «Orpheus» or «Hero of the Deep.»